Get Thumbnails of YouTube Video Link Using YouTube API

YouTube will generate thumbnails in different sizes for a video uploaded. You can download the images or thumbnails of the video by using the YouTube API. You can read more by visiting the above link.

YouTube wil generate default.jpg, hqdefault.jpg, mqdefault.jpg, sddefault.jpg, maxresdefault.jpg thumbnails of the video.

Get the different thumbnails of the YouTube video by following URL’s<youtube-video-id>/default.jpg<youtube-video-id>/hqdefault.jpg<youtube-video-id>/mqdefault.jpg<youtube-video-id>/sddefault.jpg<youtube-video-id>/maxresdefault.jpg
I wrote a PHP script to download all the thumbnails or images of a video by executing simple script.

Code to download YouTube Video Thumbnails

YouTube Video Sample Thumbnails