WAMP Error: Forbidden You don’t have permission to access phpmyadmin on this server (OR) wamp server apache 403 forbidden error

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  • wamp server phpmyadmin forbidden 403 error

wamp server 403 forbidden

Everyone search for access Wamp server through an ip address. Firstly select the folder in which you installed Wamp. In my PC i installed in C drive, so the example is shown for the C drive.

Go to the C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\conf directory and edit httpd.conf, Before doing any change take backup.

Search for Allow from
I think it will be found Line:269, it will vary on wamp version. You can find the following text,

just change the above text to following format. only add the Allow from all line remove the remaining lines

After completion you can able to share the wamp home page, that is you can browse projects in that folder.

Steps to Access phpmyadmin from ip

The process is same as the above just the directory and file name changes. Go to C:\wamp\alias and edit phpmyadmin.conf. Once again search for Allow from, you will find in Line:21.The code before change is

change the above text to the following format,

After doing this save the file and click on the wamp manager at right and Restart All Services,now go to command prompt and type ipconfig and not type the ip address in browser,It will work now.

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